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Minerva & Prince Horst Hapsburg Tab2
Prince Horst Hapsburg
Biographical Information
Name Prince Horst Hapsburg
Residence Germany
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Significant Other Minerva (dating)
Character Information
Portrayer Robert Clarke
Episode Tabitha's Weighty Problem

Prince Horst Hapsburg is an authentic, hand-kissing, heel-clicking, German prince. He has a fencing scar, but not on his face, something to which Aunt Minerva can definitely attest.

Minerva pops into Tabitha's bedroom to tell her about the prince and to invite her to join them, and another younger prince he knows, at Oktoberfest in Munich. She pops the prince into the room and introduces him to Tabitha. Prince Horst clicks his heels then kisses her hand.

Tabitha declines because she has a cold, a mortal illness which never affects witches or warlocks. Concerned for her niece, Minerva decides to stay and help her. She tells the prince she will join him later. Prince Horst is disappointed and unhappy because she promised some hanky-panky. Minerva has him click his heels then sends him back.


The character was credited as "The Prince".