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For the advertising agent at McMann & Tate, see Ralph Jackman.
Ralph 4×22
Biographical Information
Name Ralph
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Significant Other Helen (girlfriend, fiancée)
Character Information
Portrayer Stuart Margolin
Episode "A Prince of a Guy"

Ralph is the boyfriend of Darrin's cousin, Helen.

Helen brought Ralph to dinner at the Stephenses' home. She wanted to show Ralph what a happy married home life was all about so that she could entice him into marriage.

Tabatha wished Prince Charming out of her Sleeping Beauty storybook, but she could not get him back into the book. Until she could figure it out, Samantha had to pass him off as her Cousin Charlie. When Helen met him, she swooned and forgot all about Ralph. Ralph got angry and left.

The next day they saw each other. She was upset he left her at the party. He was glad he found out what she was like since he had planned to propose to her. This suddenly changed everything for Helen. She happily latched onto him and they got engaged.