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Rod McCary
Rod McCary
Role Monty
Biographical Information
Birthdate April 15, 1941
Birthplace St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States

Rod McCary played Monty, a warlock who tries to romance Tabitha, in the Tabitha episode, "What's Wrong With Mister Right?" (1977).


Rod McCary was born on April 15, 1941, in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He is a film and television actor and producer.

McCary's guest appearances on television include Three's Company, Mod Squad, Columbo, Alice and Carter Country, as well as Growing Pains, Hart to Hart, Sanford, Fantasy Island, Highway to Heaven, Night Court, Hooperman, Murder She Wrote, Walker Texas Ranger, Parks and Recreation and Revenge.

His many television movie appearances include Through Naked Eyes (1983), Beverly Hills Madam (1986), Opposites Attract (1990), and the Hallmark Channel's McBride: Murder Past Midnight (2005).

McCary's numerous big-screen film appearances include roles in Disney's No Drums, No Bugles (1972), Herbie Rides Again (1974), Stir Crazy (1980), Moon over Parador (1988), The Flintstones (1994), 28 Days (2000), Down and Dirty (2001) and Spreading Darkness (2007).

Updated March 31, 2020


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