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Rodney's Mother 2×34
Rodney's Mother
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Children Rodney (son)
Character Information
Portrayer Barbara Morrison
Episode "Man's Best Friend"

Rodney's Mother came looking for her son at the Stephenses' home.

She saw Darrin's ad about a lost dog and came to get him. Darrin thought there must have been some mistake, since he now knew the dog was a warlock in disguise.

She entered and found Rodney hiding behind Samantha. She, Darrin and Samantha exchanged pleasantries and Rodney's mother remarked on how Samantha has changed. She told them that Rodney was lonely and was always looking for a playmate. She said he was really not bad, just mischievous.

To get him to change back, she threatened to give him a flea and tick bath and he quickly changed back. His mother said it was past his bedtime and they both popped home.