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Ronald Long
Ronald Long
Roles McTavish
The Giant
Santa Claus
Henry VIII
Biographical Information
Birthdate January 30, 1911
Birthplace London, England, United Kingdom
Death Date October 23, 1986 (age 75)
Death Place Burbank, California, United States

Ronald Long was a recurring guest star on Bewitched. He played five characters in six episodes (1968-1971).


Ronald Long was a British-born character actor, who appeared on stage at the Old Vic in London from 1936. He emigrated to the United States after World War II. Long acted in plays off-Broadway from the late 1940's and on television from 1951. He was often seen as British authority figures - particularly politicians, aristocrats, military types and executives. He is known for The Time Tunnel (1966), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964) and The DuPont Show of the Month (1957).


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