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Rudy Tab05
Biographical Information
Name Rudy
Occupation Concert Pianist
Species Warlock
Relationship Information
Family Mother (mentioned)
Former Minerva (ex-girlfriend)
Character Information
Portrayer Jack DeLeon
Episode Minerva Goes Straight

Rudy is a warlock concert pianist. His mother zapped him exact copies of Beethoven's hands.

He and Minerva were in a relationship, but she broke it off because he refuses to touch her. He does not want to harm his hands and even talks to them complaining that no one understands him. He yells when Tabitha tries to look at them saying, "You almost touched them!"

Rudy affectionately calls Minerva his "Allegretto Apricot". He does not want Minerva to leave him saying that he can love her without touching her. Minerva will not have it and Rudy, knowing he is not wanted, pops out.