Samantha's Good News
Season 5, Episode 28
Series Episode 168
Sam Endora Maurice 5×28.jpg
Airdate April 10, 1969
Written by Richard Baer
Directed by Richard Michaels
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Samantha's Good News is the twenty-eighth episode of the fifth season and the 168th series episode of Bewitched. The episode was completed by March 4, 1969.


Maurice returns, again mentioning how glowing Samantha appears. He has brought attractive secretary Abigail Beecham with him, and Endora immediately becomes jealous. She threatens an Ectoplasmic Interlocutory (divorce), but decides instead to retaliate by courting John Van Millwood, another thespian warlock. Later, Samantha reveals she is expecting another baby, and the question returns. Boy or girl? Witch, warlock or mortal?



  • No mortals appear in this episode.


  • Dick York did not appear and received credit only.


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