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Samantha's Pet Warlock
Season 7, Episode 9
Series Episode 209
Samantha Ashley Hall 7×09.jpg
Airdate November 19, 1970
Written by Jerry Mayer
Directed by Richard Michaels
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Samantha's Pet Warlock is the ninth episode of the seventh season, and the 209th episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by August 20, 1970.


A former boyfriend of Samantha's, Ashley Flynn, poses as a dog to make trouble for the Stephenses in the presence of Darrin's new client, Charlie Gibbons. Samantha and Darrin face a dilemma when they learn who the dog really is. Samantha believes she has a way for Ashley the dog to behave himself, at least until Mr. Gibbons leaves, but Ashley has tricks of his own against Samantha's. In the end, Ashley does wind up helping Darrin win the account.



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