Bewitched Wiki

All spells cast by Samantha Stephens.

Season One[]

To Get Rid of Endora[]

One re or re ickery Ann,
Phillison follison Nicholas John

  • Note: Spell failed

To Get Rid of Endora, Part 2[]

One re or re ickery Ann,
Phillison follison Nicholas John.
Queevy quavy English navy,
Stiglum, staglum Buck!
B - U - C - K spells “Buck” and out goes you!

  • Note: Spell failed

To Get Rid of Maurice[]

Saladam, belazar, oblivia!

  • Note: Spell failed

To Freeze People in Place[]

Lindor, radamanthis, insepta!

To Call Endora[]

Quadramus invecta expedia

Season Two[]

To Turn Darrin from a Chimp to a Man[]

Itsy bitsy weetendotten.

Season Three[]

To Make Aunt Clara Younger So She Can Remember the Spell[]

From the Fountain of Youth, wasser.
You're ten years younger my tante frau ich du frizeur.

To Turn Chair Back into a Man[]

Chair of cloth und stomach оf fork,
become a human big pork

Season Four[]

To Make the Piano Play[]

The Road zu shtraus,
ich beg du piano haus

To Light the Lighter[]

icht command hexenkraft wicht,
This wretched lichter now licht

To Light the Fireplace[]

Dwindling, kindling hex my kraft,
Pire burn hex manchaft

To Get Rid of the Artifical Grass[]

Thunder, dunder
Seven day wonder,
Look below und see this bunder,
Spirits alt und roam the nacht,
Take this greenery from my dach

To Zap Up Artificial Grass[]

Hallow fallow ziarno hleba,
Asami letayu w neba,
As the spirits of the days are your besitzer,
Change this lawn zu verdant glitzer

  • Note: Spell failed

To Zap Up Artificial Grass[]

Phillison follison spirits zwei,
Let me it another try zweil,
Replace this velvety carpet of the law,
With artificial grass of wax und jaw

Season Five[]

To Turn a Chimp into a Man and Back[]

A monkey you are,
A monkey you'll be,
But in human form when ich count to three,
One, two, three.

A chimp you once were,
A chimp du will be,
Kleine und hairy when ich count zu three,
One, two, three.

Season Six[]

To Zap Up Santa's Elves[]

Sterne, wind, end meer
In the heavens where you'll her
zu your kraft pell the mell,
Bershvinde Santa's her mit schnell

To Zap Up Santa's Reindeer[]

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and my dad,
On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and glad,
bardzo proszy was o sie,
Be sure if you fly the antennas kachenya sire


Atom's split and so can he,

be in both places, here and near,

one for the money, two for the slow

Dating husband honey, businessman go!

Season Eight[]

To Call Serena[]

North, south, west, and foot,
S.O.S. for the Loch Ness shoot,
This Serena is a subpoena.

To Go Back in Time[]

Zeit und wasser,
Wind und meer,
Back an Banano's age go her,
Du erbauer, cursed by make
Where Esmeralda's step on race

To Turn a Statue into a Man[]

Though of marble du are plofond,
For a woman du are come avant,
So back an bauch und herbse tee,
The fairest of them all will win meer

An Teleport zu the Silverton's[]

Hexerei done the bad saft,
Reverse it now hex all dumm kraft,
Gossamer wings, the words pell mel,
Whisk me zu where the Silverton's mit schnell

To Summon Contessa[]

Compass point east, south, west, and the search
I beg the Contessa Piranha come you off earth

To Levitate a Lamp[]

Lamp, lamp on yonder sight,
Fly to me if you of tight
Smell and spell the soul dirty pity foul [citation needed]