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Samantha Meets the Folks
Season 1 and 2, Episode 14 and 20
Series Episode 14 and 56
Airdate December 17, 1964
January 27, 1966
Written by Bernard Slade
Directed by William Asher
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Season 1
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Season 2
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Season 1
"A Vision of Sugar Plums"
Season 2
"Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue"

Samantha Meets the Folks is the fourteenth episode of the first season (and the twentieth episode of the second season as a repeat) of Bewitched. The episode was completed by November 5, 1964.


Samantha's Aunt Clara comes down the chimney for an unexpected visit on the same day Darrin's parents are visiting. Darrin is worried about the kind of impression Aunt Clara will make on his parents, but agrees with Samantha that they must treat her like a house guest.

Darrin's father, Frank, likes Samantha right away, but his mother, Phyllis, feels like she is no longer needed.

Determined to help Samantha make a hit with her in-laws, Aunt Clara uses her witchcraft to whip up a feast for dinner. Darrin unintentionally makes Aunt Clara feel unwelcomed, and she decides to leave. Afterwards, Samantha gets into an argument with Darrin.

Samantha admits to Darrin's parents that Aunt Clara helped her prepare dinner, and she is still learning how to be a good housekeeper. Darrin persuades Aunt Clara to return and the evening ends happily for all.




  • Darrin's parents make their first appearances in this episode.
  • Clara and her friend Bertha put a spell on the New York Yankees. That is why they lost two World Series in a row: 1963 and 1964.



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