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Samantha Stephens
Biographical Information
Name Samantha Stephens
Nickname Sam (by Darrin and Larry)
Sammy (by Uncle Arthur)
Samovar, Iolathe, Samara, Santana, Sampan, Samsara, Stan (disrespectfully by Sheila Sommers)
Alias Michelle
Born June 6
Age at least 400 years
Residence 1164 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, Connecticut
Occupation Homemaker
Community Volunteer
Queen of the Witches (1967-1968)
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Spouse Darrin Stephens
Children Tabitha Stephens (daughter)
Adam Stephens (son)
Family Endora (mother)
Maurice (father)
Relatives Magical
Aunt Clara (aunt)
Uncle Arthur (maternal uncle)
Serena (paternal cousin)
Aunt Hagatha (aunt)
Aunt Enchantra (aunt)
Bertha (aunt)
Aunt Grimalda (aunt)
Cousin Henry (maternal cousin)
Cousin Edgar (cousin)
Mario (cousin, mentioned)
Panda (cousin, mentioned) [1]
Aunt Agnes (mentioned) [2]
Phyllis Stephens (mother-in-law)
Frank Stephens (father-in-law)
Helen (cousin-in-law)
Robbie (cousin-in-law)
Uncle Albert (uncle-in-law)
Uncle Herbert (uncle-in-law, mentioned) [3]
Former George (ex boyfriend)
Rollo (ex boyfriend)
Character Information
Portrayer Elizabeth Montgomery
Marilyn Hanold (as Michelle)
First Episode I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha
Last Episode The Truth, Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam
Episode Count 254
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Samantha Stephens is an American housewife who is also a witch. She has a twitch in her nose that has always been her main characteristic when doing magic. She is the main protagonist of the show.



Samantha could not disappear past her knees until she was five. ("Nobody's Perfect")

She and Waldo were childhood friends. He harbored, then and now, romantic feelings for her. However, Samantha only thinks of him as a friend. ("Samantha's Bad Day in Salem")

Ashley Flynn courted her, but she rejected him because she was never interested. ("Samantha's Pet Warlock")


In 1964, she married a mortal named Darrin Stephens, who wanted her to live a normal mortal life, so she and Darrin made an agreement that she would not use witchcraft unless it was absolutely necessary. This decision was much to the dismay of her parents, Endora and Maurice, who do not like the fact that their daughter is "rejecting" her heritage. ("I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha") ("Just One Happy Family")

However, witchcraft always will be a part of the Stephens family as Samantha's family is always playing tricks on Darrin. Through the years, Darrin would accept that magic always will be a part of Samantha.

Samantha and Darrin have a loving relationship, but they are always battling against people who want to break up their marriage. They have each learned to be a part of the other's world.


In 1965, Samantha gave birth to a daughter named Tabitha who inherited Samantha's magic powers, including twitching her nose. Samantha had to be extra firm with Tabitha because of her headstrong personality, especially when teaching her when and when not to use witchcraft, even when Endora encouraged her to do so. ("And Then There Were Three") ("Nobody's Perfect")

In 1969, Samantha gave birth to a boy named Adam who, like his sister, inherited his mother's magic powers. He was encouraged to use witchcraft by Maurice, but Adam's powers had been latent due to his father's disapproval of witchcraft. Once Darrin told him it was okay to use his powers (at Samantha's pleading), Adam displayed his powers for the first time. ("...And Something Makes Four") ("Adam, Warlock or Washout?")

Physical Appearance

She has large green eyes, silky and sleek blonde hair that is nearly shoulder-length. She is slender but tall for a woman.


Samantha is loyal, compassionate, intelligent and a very endearing person, generally winning over those she meets effortlessly.

Samantha likes being a housewife and doing things the mortal way. Despite trying not to use witchcraft, she will usually solve her family's problems with magic, but only as a last resort after all non-magical efforts have failed. She is not vindictive or cruel towards mortals like other witches can be.

Samantha has a great deal of intelligence, can cope well in bad situations, and can solve a predicament entirely by herself.

Samantha possesses a spirited and compassionate nature. She has proven to be beautiful and competent. She is very fiery in nature and stands up for her choices and beliefs.

She is not afraid to be different from other witches and strongly believes in her marriage's just and valid nature to Darrin. She always stands up for what she believes is right.

As a mother, Samantha is warm and kind-natured. She is very adoring and nurturing. She calls them "beautiful" and is an excellent mother. She is especially firm with Tabitha because of her headstrong personality.

Unlike many witches, she does not loathe mortals. Although she is challenged or chastised for this, usually by her mother, she never budges. She has a high set of principles that she will not breach for any reason.

She is not always serious. She possesses a great sense of humor. She will try to lighten the mood of a dire situation with humor although Darrin will rarely reciprocate. She is brave and possesses a passionate and fiery spirit. She is more grounded than most witches and has her own style, preferring to stay at home with her family rather than party without a care - the normal behavior of her cousin, Serena.

Queen of the Witches

In the Season Four opener "Long Live the Queen", Samantha becomes "Queen of the Witches" after the former queen abdicates. Her royal title and duties are only shown in a couple of episodes as she still lives as an "average mortal housewife".


  • Samantha is the only character to appear in every episode of the series.
  • In the first season, Samantha states her birthday is June 6, making her zodiac sign Gemini (the Twins). As a result, she was willing and able to live both as a mortal and a witch.
  • Even though Samantha is a witch and that she has longevity and that means she doesn’t age.

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