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Samantha on the Keyboard
Season 5, Episode 3
Series Episode 143
Tabitha Endora Piano 5×03
Airdate October 10, 1968
Written by Richard Baer
Directed by Richard Michaels
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"Samantha Goes South for a Spell"
"Darrin, Gone and Forgotten"

Samantha on the Keyboard is the third episode of the fifth season and the 143rd episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by July 18, 1968.


Endora makes Tabitha a piano virtuoso, and her talent attracts unwanted attention from Samantha's piano instructor, Johann Sebastian Monroe, who wants to put Tabitha on a performance tour.




Source Music[]

All source music was uncredited.

Played by Tabitha on the miniature piano.
Played by Samantha on the piano before her first piano lesson.
Played by Tabitha on the piano before Johann Sebastian Monroe walks into the room to hear her for the first time.
Played by Matthew Williams on the piano when he is practicing at University High School.
Played by Samantha on the piano as the first song she learns without witchcraft.
Played by Tabitha on the fiddle in the closing scene.


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