School Days, School Daze
Season 8, Episode 23
Series Episode 251
Samantha Endora 8×23.jpg
Airdate March 4, 1972
Written by Michael Morris
Directed by Richard Michaels
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School Days, School Daze is the twenty-third episode of the eighth season and the 251st series episode of Bewitched. The episode was completed by November 4, 1971.


Tabitha is nervous about her first test at school, which will determine whether she can pass the first grade and enter second grade. Endora is incensed that Tabitha is going to a mortal school rather than a witch school, but in seeing her granddaughter's fear, Endora decides to give Tabitha all academic knowledge so she can ace the exam. In doing so, Tabitha impresses her teacher, Mrs. Peabody, who believes Tabitha is not only smart enough to promote to second grade, but is a genius about whom the whole world should know. Samantha, on the other hand, knows that it is her mother's handiwork that gave Tabitha all of this knowledge.






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