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Seaman in Restaurant 7×05
Biographical Information
Name Seaman
Alias Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial Statue
Age 45 (cast in 1925)
Origin Leonard F. Craske (sculptor)
Residence Gloucester, Massachusetts
Species Statue
Relationship Information
Significant Other Serena (dalliance)
Character Information
Portrayer Robert Brown
Episode "Darrin on a Pedestal"

The Seaman is the statue of the Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial which Serena brought to life.

Serena and Darrin were sightseeing in Gloucester, Massachusetts, while Samantha was attending a meeting at the Witches' Convention in Salem. Serena saw the statue and made Darrin stop the car. Incredibly attracted to it, she cast a spell to bring it to life.

Pride of Gloucester,
Sentinel of the sea,
I deem you come to life,
And swagger down to me!

Darrin demanded that Serena put the statue back. Instead, she turned Darrin into a statue and popped him to the pedestal. Serena and the Seaman went away to have fun.

She brought him to her garden overlooking the ocean. He stayed clear of the cliff at the edge of the terrace because he was afraid of the water. Serena was surprised so he explained that he represents all the fishermen who drowned at sea. They kissed and cavorted until he winced in pain. He had gotten stiff after bending over the wheel for all of those years. She massaged and cracked his back to relieve his pain. Later, the gardener saw them disappear, much to his astonishment.

They went to the Gloucester House restaurant where Larry Tate and client Mr. Barrows were waiting for Darrin. They sat with Larry and Barrows, drinking and singing sea shanties. Mr. Barrows scolded him for his outrageous behavior. Samantha arrived, took Serena aside and demanded that she change the seaman back into a statue and return Darrin to normal.

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