All spells casted in Season 8

How Not To Lose Your Head To King Henry VIIIEdit

To Send Samantha Back in Time to Henry VIII Edit

(casted by Malvina)

This trip through zeit will you dunkelheit,

In others affairs not be zeit,

Back an Henry VIII my duft,

The moment you meet him is the moment you luft

To Send Darrin to the Time of Henry VIIIEdit

(casted by Endora)

Backward turn back oh time in thy flight,

Take this peasant away from my sight,

Back to the time of Henry greed,

He was long on wives but short on feet

To Send Darrin to the Time of Henry VIII 2Edit

(casted by Endora)

Backward turn back oh time in thy last,

Back into the past at the speed and fast,

Back to Henry's time lets check the date,

And do not pass Henry number 8

Samantha and the Loch Ness MonsterEdit

To Call SerenaEdit

(casted by Samantha)

North, south, west, and east,

S.O.S. for the Loch Ness Beast,

This Serena is a sippena

Samantha's Not-So Leaning Tower of PisaEdit

To Go Back in TimeEdit

(casted by Samantha)

Time and tide,

Wind and sea,

Back to Banano's age go we,

Master builder, cursed by fate

Esmerelda's ancient date

Bewitched, Bothered, and BaldoniEdit

To Turn the Venus de Milo into a WomanEdit

(casted by Endora)

Marble Venus though you back,

I will take thy marble heart from good luck,

And turn it into flame of rise,

To light a mortal man's heart with blaze

To Turn a Statue into a ManEdit

(casted by Samantha) Though of marble you are carved,

For a woman you are starved,

So back to flesh and sinue,

The fairest of them all will win you

TV or Not TVEdit

To Teleport to the Silverton'sEdit

(casted by Samantha) Witchcrafts done the dirty chois,

Reverse it now with all due powers,

Gossamer wings, and tiny fowl,

Whisk me to where the Silverton's my soul

The Warlock in the Gray Flannel SuitEdit

To Call AlonzoEdit

(casted by Endora) Powers of day,

Powers of flight,

Bring Alonzo here into my sight

The Eight Year Itch WitchEdit

To Call OpheliaEdit

(casted by Endora) One re or re ickery Ann,
Phillison follison Nicholas John.
Queevy quavy English navy,
Sticklum, stacklum, cat,

C-A-T spells cat,

Ophelia my sweet come, catch a rat

Serena's RichcraftEdit

To Summon ContessaEdit

(casted by Samantha)

Compass point east, south, west, and north

I beg the Contessa Pirahna come tooth

Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a FuseEdit

To Levitate a LampEdit

(casted by Samantha)

Lamp, lamp on yonder table,

Fly to me if you are able