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Spells from Season Five (1968-1969)

Weep No More My Willow[]

To Cure a Sick Tree[]

(cast by Dr. Bombay)
Weeping willow, schwarze und hell
I command wicht all my pell
That your sap run free and [...]
And with every wayward breeze
Which within your branches baum
You will weep und weep und traum

To Call Dr. Bombay[]

(cast by Samantha)
Tripoli to Timbuktu
I beg, I plead, I beseech of you
A moment longer do not delay
Come to me, come to me, Dr. Bombay!

Trying to Fix a Backfired Spell[]

(cast by Dr. Bombay)
Hark, ye wreched breezes played
Cease Samantha's tears from prayed
Dry her eyes, awake or full
Und let laughter replace her weep und dull.