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Season Four
Episode Count 33
Series Episodes 108 - 140
First Airdate September 7, 1967
Last Airdate May 16, 1968
Season Rating 11
Producer William Asher
Filmed in Color
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Season Four of Bewitched aired from 1967 to 1968 on ABC and was filmed in color. Bewitched placed eleventh in the ratings for the year.

This was the last season to feature Aunt Clara due to the passing of Marion Lorne. Beginning with this season, William Asher became the lead producer and continued in this position through the end of the series.


Bewitched Season 4

Bewitched: Season Four DVD cover art

  1. Long Live the Queen
  2. Toys in Babeland
  3. Business, Italian Style
  4. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
  5. Cheap, Cheap
  6. No Zip in My Zap
  7. Birdies, Bogeys and Baxter
  8. A Safe and Sane Halloween
  9. Out of Sync, Out of Mind
  10. That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife
  11. Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds
  12. Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember
  13. Solid Gold Mother-in-Law
  14. My, What Big Ears You Have
  15. I Get Your Nannie, You Get My Goat
  16. Humbug Not to Be Spoken Here
  17. Samantha's Da Vinci Dilemma
  18. Once in a Vial
  19. Snob in the Grass
  20. If They Never Met
  21. Hippie, Hippie, Hooray
  22. A Prince of a Guy
  23. McTavish
  24. How Green Was My Grass
  25. To Twitch or Not to Twitch
  26. Playmates
  27. Tabatha's Cranky Spell
  28. I Confess
  29. A Majority of Two
  30. Samantha's Secret Saucer
  31. The No-Harm Charm
  32. The Man of the Year
  33. Splitsville
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