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Sixth Season Cast PR Shot 1969
Season Six
Episode Count 30
Series Episodes 171 - 200
First Airdate September 18, 1969
Last Airdate April 16, 1970
Season Rating 24
Producer William Asher
Filmed in Color
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Season Six of Bewitched aired from 1969 to 1970 on ABC and was filmed in color. The season dropped thirteen points from Season Five's eleventh rating placing Bewitched twenty-fourth in the ratings for the year.

Dick Sargent debuted in the role of Darrin Stephens. David White, who played Larry Tate, was promoted from recurring guest star to main cast status, receiving fourth billing in the opening credits. Alice Ghostley appeared for the first time as Esmeralda. The character of Serena was credited as Pandora Spocks for the first time.

Since the Murphy sisters were fraternal twins instead of identical twins, they looked less alike as they grew older. Therefore, beginning in this season, Erin Murphy assumed the role of Tabitha Stephens full time. Diane Murphy occasionally played other characters throughout the remainder of the series, both credited and uncredited.


Bewitched Season 6 DVD

Bewitched: Season Six DVD cover art

  1. Samantha and the Beanstalk
  2. Samantha's Yoo-Hoo Maid
  3. Samantha's Caesar Salad
  4. Samantha's Curious Cravings
  5. ...And Something Makes Four
  6. Naming Samantha's New Baby
  7. To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat
  8. A Bunny for Tabitha
  9. Samantha's Secret Spell
  10. Daddy Comes for a Visit
  11. Darrin the Warlock
  12. Samantha's Double Mother Trouble
  13. You're So Agreeable
  14. Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays
  15. Samantha's Better Halves
  16. Samantha's Lost Weekend
  17. The Phrase Is Familiar
  18. Samantha's Secret Is Discovered
  19. Tabitha's Very Own Samantha
  20. Super Arthur
  21. What Makes Darrin Run?
  22. Serena Stops the Show
  23. Just a Kid Again
  24. The Generation Zap
  25. Okay, Who's the Wise Witch?
  26. A Chance on Love
  27. If the Shoe Pinches
  28. Mona Sammy
  29. Turn on the Old Charm
  30. Make Love, Not Hate
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