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Sheila Sommers
Biographical Information
Name Sheila Sommers
Residence New York MSA
Occupation Socialite
Airplane Pilot
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family William J. Sommers (father)
Former Darrin Stephens (ex-fiancé)
Character Information
Portrayer Nancy Kovack
First Episode I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha
Last Episode If They Never Met
Episode Count 3
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Sheila Sommers is Darrin Stephens' ex-fiancée, who is beautiful, but a rich and spoiled snob.

After Darrin marries Samantha, Sheila humiliates her by commenting on her appearance, suggesting that she and her friends help Samantha find a good hairdresser and dressmaker. She insults Samantha by insinuating that she had "nose work" done.

Samantha gets pushed over the edge watching Sheila hanging all over Darrin, and uses her witchcraft to cause Sheila to become undone so everyone can see what she really is. After returning home, Darrin tells her she was not entirely wrong, and Sheila had it coming.

A few years later, Sheila again behaves like a snob and Samantha uses her witchcraft and has her become undone all over again. The next day, Samantha apologizes to Darrin, and he tells her Sheila deserved it.




Nancy Kovack on Bewitched as Sheila

All the scenes with Sheila Sommers from the episodes "I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha" (colorized), "Snob in the Grass" and "If They Never Met".