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For the woman Jean Claude LeMatt romanced at a ski resort, see Sherry.
Sherry MacBride
Sherry MacBride
Biographical Information
Name Sherry MacBride
Occupation Former Beauty Queen
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Former Paul Thurston (romantic interest)
Character Information
Portrayer Timothy Blake
Episode "The Pilot"

Sherry MacBride was the first runner up in the 1965 Miss Free World Contest. She met Paul Thurston in a singles bar. Paul ousted Andrew Collins from his talk show and replaced him with her. Tabitha protested, but when Paul threatened to walk if she did not go on, Marvin relented.

Paul later confessed to Tabitha that Sherry is over the hill.

After a series of energy mishaps on his way to KXLA (magically inflicted upon him by Tabitha), Paul replaced Sherry with Professor Collins two minutes before airtime. Sherry got upset and left.