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Sir Herbert Wellingford
Sir Herbert Wellingford
Biographical Information
Name Sir Herbert Wellingford
Age at least 400 years
Residence Painting in the Tower of London
London, England
Species Warlock
Relationship Information
Spouse Malvina (estranged)
Character Information
Portrayer Victor Rogers
First Episode How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part 1)
Last Episode How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part 2)

Sir Herbert Wellingford is a warlock who has been trapped in a painting in the Tower of London for four-hundred years.

He fell in love with a witch in the court of King Henry VIII and asked her to marry him. His wife Malvina found out and trapped him in a painting, a curse to last for one-thousand years.

Four centuries later in 1971, Samantha and Darrin are touring the tower on their European vacation. Sir Herbert gets Samantha's attention and she stays behind after the tour group moves on. He says that he is not sure if her powers can release him, but he begs her to try. She agrees and zaps him out of the painting. He kisses her hand and says that he is her slave and will do anything for her.

Malvina appears and demands to know who gave Samantha the right to reverse her curse. Samantha says that nobody did, and apologizes. Malvina does not accept the apology and demands that Samantha put her husband back into the painting and Samantha complies. Then Malvina punishes Samantha, sending her back to the court of King Henry VIII without her memory.


The character was credited as "Nobleman".