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Susan Keller
Susan Keller
Role Sherry
Biographical Information
Birth Name Susan Baker
Birthdate November 26, 1945
Birthplace Los Angeles County, California, United States

Susan Keller played Sherry in the Tabitha episode, "Minerva Goes Straight" (1977).


Susan Keller was born as Susan Baker on November 26, 1945, in Los Angeles County, California. She is an American actress, known for The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) and The Clown Murders (1976). She was the sixth actress to play Mary Anderson Marshall on the daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives (1980).

Other credits include The Rockford Files (1975), Barnaby Jones (1977), Tabitha (1977), The Next Step Beyond (1978), The White Shadow (1981) and Dallas (1980-1981). She was a panelist on the television series, This Is the Law (1972-1975).

She married Myron Shapero with whom she had one son, Matthew William Shapero. She received her law degree and practiced entertainment law for many years. As of July 2012, she continues to act and is the founder/producer of Santa Barbara Revels.

Updated August 13, 2021