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Tabatha Pilot
Season 1
Episode 0
Airdate April 24, 1976
Written by Ed Jurist
Directed by William Asher
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The Tabatha Pilot (1976) is the original pilot for a sequel to Bewitched about a grown-up Tabatha Stephens living as a witch in a mortal world. ABC bought the show, but made significant changes and launched the television series, Tabitha, which ran 1977-1978.


Tabatha Stephens works for Trend Magazine in San Francisco as an editorial assistant. Cliff is a commercial artist at Trend and also her boyfriend. Her brother, Adam, wants nothing to do with mortal life and keeps encouraging his sister to forsake her mortal ways and embrace her magical heritage. She tells him about Cliff and he tells her she needs to come clean and tell him she is a witch. When Tabatha finally tells Cliff, he does not believe her. When she proves it, he is astounded and needs time to think. The next day he tells her that he loves her and cannot let her go.



Bewitched producer and director William Asher directed this pilot. It sold the series, but ABC changed the sitcom's setting from San Francisco to Los Angeles, recast the main roles and ordered a second pilot with Lisa Hartman as Tabitha and David Ankrum as Adam, now a mortal.



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