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Ted Tabitha Paul TabEp 08
Tabitha's Triangle
Season 1
Episode 8
Airdate December 24, 1977
Written by George Yanok
Directed by Murray Golden
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Tabitha's Triangle is the eighth episode of the first and only season of the Tabitha television series.


Paul Thurston interviews Ted Bingham, a handsome guy running for the state senate who can really stand up to him on the air. Fireworks really fly between Ted and Tabitha, and Paul gets quite jealous. Ted takes Tabitha with him on his political stops and even asks her to marry him.

Before another appearance on Paul's show, Tabitha invites them both to dinner. Minerva interferes by putting a truth spell on their wrist watches. Both guys get very truthful while on the air which seems refreshing for a politician. Afterwards Ted starts to tell Tabitha how to dress and that he wants her to quit her job. Minerva explains that he did not have his watch with him and Tabitha is just as happy to find out what he was really like before they got too serious.[1]



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