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Tabitha's Very Own Samantha
Season 6, Episode 19
Series Episode 189
Tabitha's Very Own Samantha 6×19
Airdate January 29, 1970
Written by Shirley Gordon
Directed by William Asher
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"Samantha's Secret Is Discovered"
"Super Arthur"

Tabitha's Very Own Samantha is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season and the 189th episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by November 26, 1969.


Jealous of the attention Adam is getting, and being punished for misbehaving, Tabitha creates a duplicate Samantha to be her very own special mommy she does not have to share with anyone. She spoils Tabitha rotten by giving her anything she wants without question.

At first, Samantha thinks it is her cousin Serena playing tricks, but when she learns it is not, and Tabitha tells her the truth, Samantha convinces her that she loves her as much as she loves Adam, and convinces her to wish her very own special mommy to go away, and she does.




  • Agnes Moorehead did not appear and received credit only.
  • The actor playing the Ferris Wheel Operator is uncredited.
  • The child actor playing Gladys Kravitz's nephew Seymour is uncredited.

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