The series starred Lisa Hartman as Tabitha Stephens (some sources spell her name "Tabatha"), the daughter of Samantha and Darrin, now a young woman in Los Angeles working in television. Helping her along is her brother, Adam (David Ankrum) and their Aunt Minerva (Karen Morrow), while Robert Urich appeared as her love interest.

Four actors from the original series appeared in separate episodes. Bernard Fox reprised his role as Dr. Bombay, while George Tobias and Sandra Gould made guest appearances as Abner and Gladys Kravitz. Dick Wilson reprised his roles as "various drunks" who thinks he is hallucinating. Neither of their parents appeared on the new series.


The series takes place in the "present day" (late 1970s) yet does not attempt to reconcile how Tabitha and Adam could be in their early-to-mid 20s when they had been young children at the time Bewitched (also "present day") ended five years earlier.

There were in fact two pilot films produced for the series. The first, which was broadcast by ABC on April 24, 1976 (and used the variant spelling Tabatha for the title) starred Liberty Williams in the title role, with Bruce Kimmel as Adam. The major difference between the pilot and the series was Adam was a full-fledged and mischievous warlock in the pilot, but was made a mortal for the series (thus making him the disapproving figure as Darrin had been, and going against the original series, where Adam had been proven capable of magic in the last season).

In the first pilot, Tabatha was an editorial assistant for the fictional Trend Magazine, lived in San Francisco, and had a boyfriend named Cliff (Archie Hahn), and also contended with the supernatural antics of Adam, who wanted Tabatha to use her witchcraft and have some fun. In situations that were very similar to the original debut of Bewitched, Tabatha tells Cliff that she is a witch, who at first doesn't believe her, but later discovers that she was telling the truth. Also, much like her mother did when she used her powers to deflect the unwanted affections of Sheila Sommers, her father's ex-girlfriend, Tabatha deflects rival Dinah Nichols (Barbara Rhoades) from seducing Cliff. The first pilot (directed by Bewitched producer/director William Asher) sold the series, but ABC changed the sitcom's setting from San Francisco to Los Angeles, recast the main roles, and ordered a second pilot with Hartman and Ankrum. This version also gave Tabitha an "Aunt Minerva",

The revised Tabitha pilot aired on ABC on May 7, 1977 and the series properly debuted on September 10 of that year. The series' second official episode would not air until November 12. The series then continued more or less uninterrupted but failed to garner sufficient ratings to be renewed for a full season. The final episode aired on January 14, 1978 for a total of 13 episodes produced and broadcast, including the two pilots.


  1. Pilot #1 
  2. Pilot #2
  3. Tabitha's Weighty Problem
  4. Halloween Show
  5. A Star Is Born
  6. Minerva Goes Straight
  7. Mr. Nice Guy
  8. The Arrival of Nancy
  9. Tabitha's Triangle
  10. That New Black Magic
  11. What's Wrong with Mister Right?
  12. Paul Goes to New York
  13. Tabitha's Party

NOTE: In the series "Tabitha" starring Lisa Hartman in the title role, the series differed from the original "Bewitched" series. The "Tabitha" series portrayed Adam as a normal human, while in "Bewitched" he was a young child warlock. Tabitha tells Adam that she's sorry that she inherited their mother's powers, while Adam only inherited their father's allergy to chocolate. Another MAJOR difference was that Tabitha became Adam's kid sister...while in "Bewitched," Tabitha was at least several years older than Adam. Tabitha was already talking and her powers established by the time Adam was born. Actually, both the characters of Tabitha and Adam were aged - both should have been around in their preteens during this version. Also, while Hartman was cute as Tabitha, she never came close to the nose wiggle her mother, Samantha had.