Tabitha Stephens


Erin Murphy (Bewitched, 1966-1972)
Diane Murphy (Bewitched, 1966-1968)

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Voice of Cindy Eilbacher (Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family, 1972)

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Liberty Williams (Unsold Tabatha Pilot, 1976)

Tab E1 - Tabitha 6

Lisa Hartman (Tabitha, 1977-1978)

First Appearance: And Then There Were Three
Last Appearance: A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished (Bewitched)
Tabitha's Party (Tabitha series)
Portrayer: Cynthia Black (And Then There Were Three)
Heidi and Laura Gentry (Season Two)
Tamar and Julie Young (Season Two)
Diane Murphy (Seasons 3-5)
Erin Murphy (Seasons 3-8)
Cindy Eilbacher in "Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family"
Liberty Williams ("Tabatha original pilot)
Lisa Hartman (Tabitha (series))
Episode Count: 116
Nickname: Tab (by Paul)
Tabs (by Nancy)
Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde (Season 3-8 in Bewitched)
Brown (original pilot of Tabitha)
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Editorial Assistant at Trend Magazine (original pilot)
Assistant to Marvin Decker, Producer of The Paul Thurston Show at KXLA
Family: Darrin Stephens (father)
Samantha Stephens (mother)
Adam Stephens (brother)
Frank Stephens (paternal grandfather)
Phyllis Stephens (paternal grandmother)
Maurice (maternal grandfather "Grandpapa")
Endora (maternal grandmother "Grandmama")
Significant Other(s): Cliff (Tabitha/Tabatha Original Pilot)
Paul Thurston (Tabitha)
Relatives: Paternal
Helen (second cousin)
Robbie (second cousin)
Uncle Albert (great-uncle)
Darrin the Bold (ancestor)

Serena (aunt)
Aunt Clara (great-aunt)
Agnes (great-aunt)
Aunt Hagatha (great-aunt)
Aunt Enchantra (great-aunt)
Bertha (great-aunt)
Aunt Grimalda (great-aunt)
Cornelia (great-aunt)
Adam (great-great great grandfather)
Mario (cousin)
Cousin Edgar (cousin)
Panda (cousin)
Cousin Henry (uncle)
Uncle Arthur (great-uncle)
Aunt Minerva (aunt)

Residence: 1164 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, Connecticut (childhood)
San Francisco, California (Tabatha first pilot)
Los Angeles, California (Tabitha (series))

Tabitha Stephens is a former major recurring character in Bewitched. She is also a main character in Tabitha. Tabitha is the daughter of Samantha and Darrin Stephens. She is the granddaughter of Maurice, Endora and Frank and Phyllis as well as the older sister of Adam. She is also the niece of Serena, Cousin Henry and Aunt Grimalda and the great-niece of Albert, Aunt Clara, Bertha, Agnes, Aunt Hagatha and Aunt Enchantra and Uncle Arthur, Cornelia (great-aunt) and the cousin of Mario, Edgar, and Panda.

She was named Tabitha by Endora against both her parents' wishes, but they eventually accepted it.

Tabitha was conceived in season one, and it was revealed that Samantha was pregnant at the beginning of season two. She was then born halfway through season two episode "And Then There Were Three".

Throughout The Bewitched SeriesEdit

As a result of her unique heritage, Tabitha started using witchcraft at a young age, including twitching her nose. Samantha and Darrin had their hands full, trying to teach her to when and when not to use it. She was unusually headstrong and needed extra harsh discipline to keep her in line.

Her grandparents, Endora and Maurice were not happy about their granddaughter being raised as a mortal, but were glad that Tabitha grew up just right.

After graduation from college, Tabitha moved to California, where she had jobs as a magazine editor and associate producer of Paul Thurston's talk show. She began a romance with Paul.

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