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Samantha transported herself into the Hansel and Gretel storybook.

Teleportation is the magical ability to move physical items, another person or oneself from one place or time to another. It is known colloquially as popping in and popping out.

Moving to another place is also known as zonking across the atmospheric continuum.[1] The ability is also used to enter objects like pictures and storybooks. Banishing spells are another form of teleportation.


  • Numerous examples of witches and warlocks popping in and out of the Stephenses' home in many episodes.
  • Samantha enters a portrait at Madame Marushka's office.[2]
  • Samantha and Tabitha enter two of her storybooks on two different occasions.[3]
  • Teleporting into the past and back again to places like Plymouth Colony[4], 17th century Salem[5] and Medieval Ireland.[6]
  • Aunt Clara accidentally brings Queen Victoria from the past to the present day.[7]
  • Endora takes Samantha to an alternate universe where she and Darrin never met.[8]
  • Endora banishes Samantha from the home of the Justice of the Peace to stop her daughter from interfering with her wedding to Bo Callahan.[9]

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