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The Battle of Burning Oak
Season 5, Episode 24
Series Episode 164
Darrin Samantha at Club 5×24.jpg
Airdate March 13, 1969
Written by Pauline Townsend & Leo Townsend
Directed by R. Robert Rosenbaum
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The Battle of Burning Oak is the twenty-fourth episode of the fifth season and the 164th episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by June 15, 1968.


A McMann & Tate client asks Darrin and Samantha to join their country club, Burning Oak. Darrin hesitates to consider membership until Endora hexes him into a snob. Samantha does not care for the arrogance at the club, so she does some digging into the members' family histories.


  • Endora - turning Darrin into a snob
Within the moment we shall see,
What a snob this clod can be.
  • Endora - taking the snob spell off of Darrin
Begone the hex from this dreary Dum-Dum.
Enough is enough.
It's getting humdrum.


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