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The Magic Cabin
Season 2, Episode 16
Series Episode 52
Magic Cabin Split Screen 2×16
Airdate December 30, 1965
Written by Paul Wayne
Directed by William Asher
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"Maid to Order"

The Magic Cabin is the sixteenth episode of the second season, and the fifty-second episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by August 19, 1965.


Darrin has hit the longest and driest spell of his career. As his brain is so frazzled, Larry demands that he take some time off with Samantha and go to his secluded cabin in the woods, which he has not been to in three years.

When Darrin and Samantha arrive, they feel Larry's directive is more a punishment than relaxing getaway as the cabin is a dilapidated shack barely standing. Because the conditions are so miserable and the roads back into town are washed out because of a storm, Darrin relents and allows Samantha to use her magic to transform the interior into a solid, but quaint and cozy cabin.

The next day while Darrin and Samantha are out, a young newlywed couple, Charles and Alice MacBain, come by to take a look at the cabin as Larry has long had it listed for sale. The MacBains love the cabin and immediately telephone Larry to tell him they want to buy it at his asking price. When Darrin and Samantha return and meet the MacBains and learn the story, they have to decide whether to keep the cabin as is, or transform it back into its poor condition. Samantha may have to do a juggling act as Larry makes a surprise visit to the cabin.




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