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Tab E1 - Adam and Tabitha
The Pilot
Season 1
Episode 1
Airdate May 7, 1977
Written by Jerry Mayer
Directed by Bruce Bilson
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The Pilot is the first episode of the first and only season of the Tabitha television series. It is the second pilot which the network bought, and is the first of twelve episodes.


Tabitha has inherited her mother Samantha's magical gifts, much to the chagrin of her mortal older brother, Adam. They both work at Los Angeles television station KXLA where she is a production assistant to Marvin Decker, the producer for "The Paul Thurston Show". The conceited Paul Thurston wants to interview former beauty queen, Sherry MacBride, even after Tabitha lined up Andrew Collins, an author of a book about recycling and the energy crisis.

Tabitha stops by Paul's apartment. Every time he gets amorous, Tabitha causes something to go out - a blender, the stereo, the lights, the elevator. When Paul finally gets to the studio after more energy mishaps, all he wants to talk about is energy. Collins gets on his show after all.




  • Paul lives in apartment 2610. There is a gold star and a nameplate on his door.

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