Season 1, Episode 7
Air date October 29, 1964
Written by Bernad Slade
Directed by William Asher
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"Little Pitchers Have Big Fears"
"The Girl Reporter"
The Witches Are Out is the 7th episode of the first season of the Bewitched.


Samantha does not like Halloween because of the image that people have of witches: Ugly, mean, and wicked. Samantha tries to get Darrin to see her way when he is working on a candy account. Mr. Brinkman wants to use the traditional witch while Darrin displays a beautiful, more glamorous witch. When Darrin refuses, he is fired from his job. When Samantha hears of this, she gets her witch friends BerthaMary and her Aunt Clara to help her get even with Brinkman. Brinkman sees the error of his ways when they zap him into the ugly old witch that he so desperately wants to display. He agrees to use the beautiful witch, thereby saving Darrin's job.


  • This is the first Halloween episode, the first show to explore stereotypes and prejudices, and Marion Lorne's first appearance as Aunt Clara.
  • While having a heated discussion with about societal prejudice against witches, Darrin argues, "If I were prejudiced, I wouldn't've married you would I?" Samantha replies, "Oh so that's it. You think you did me a big favour. Took the little witch in. Quite a sacrifice. Must make you feel very self-righteous." Neither acknowledges that Darrin did not know Samantha was a witch when he married her and only learned the truth on their wedding night. This matter is later addressed in season two's "What Every Young Man Should Know."
  • One of the very few times a witch's name doesn't end in the letter "a" happens in this episode with the character "Mary."
  • This episode contains several pieces of information about witches that would be contradicted in subsequent seasons.
  • 1. Samantha says that her mother, Endora, gets so upset over Halloween each year that she flies to the South of France "til it all blows over."In a later episode, however, Samantha (and Darrin, by proxy) gets invited to her mother's "annual" Halloween bash.
  • 2. Bertha makes the comment that, if the mortals ever did find out that they were witches, they'd better take out lots of fire insurance. Samantha comments, "Oh Bertha, they stopped burning us years ago."In a subsequent episode, Samantha and Darrin find themselves in old Salem, and Samantha makes a speech about how the people they've put on trial couldn't possibly be witches because no mere ropes or binds could hold one; she then causes her own binds to disappear.