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To Go or Not to Go, That Is the Question
Season 7, Episode 1
Series Episode 201
Samantha Darrin Angry Hepzibah 7×01
Airdate September 24, 1970
Written by Michael Morris
Directed by William Asher
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"Make Love, Not Hate"
"Salem, Here We Come"

To Go or Not to Go, That Is the Question is the first episode of the seventh season and the 201st episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by July 23, 1970, and is part one of two episodes.


The High Priestess Hepzibah summons Samantha to attend the Witches' Convention in Salem, Massachusetts. She refuses to attend, however, and sends her regrets. Concurrently, Darrin asks Larry to give him the prestigious Gotham Industries account, asking for neither a raise nor a bonus. That does the trick and Larry gives Darrin the account.

That evening at home, Samantha tells Darrin about the order to attend and he is not pleased. Endora pops in, and she and Darrin get into an argument. After he insults all witches, Endora calls him a bigot and turns him into a toad. Later, Samantha persuades him to give in. Darrin relents and apologizes, and Endora changes him back. He finally agrees that Samantha can go to Salem as long as he goes with her and they make it a vacation.

The next day, Darrin asks Larry for the vacation, saying he has not had one in four years and it will postpone his work on the account for only two or three weeks. Larry is dumbfounded since Darrin had just begged him for the account. After some protests and quite bewildered, Larry begrudgingly agrees to his request.

When word reaches Hepzibah that Samantha plans to bring Darrin to Salem with her, she stormily pops into the Stephenses' home. Hepzibah decides to observe the first mixed union of witch and mortal to see whether the union should be preserved or dissolved.



  • The episode title is a play on the quote, "To be, or not to be: that is the question," from Hamlet, Act III, Scene I, by William Shakespeare.
  • Hepzibah's throne is the same prop used by Queen Ticheba in the fourth season episode, "Long Live the Queen" (1967).

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • Hepzibah says that Samantha and Darrin's marriage is the first union of witch and mortal. However, in the first season episode, "Just One Happy Family" (1964), Endora tells an angry Maurice, who has just found out about Samantha's mixed marriage, "Times have changed, Maurice. This happens in the best of families."


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