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Tracy Reed
Tracy Reed
Role Portia
Biographical Information
Birthdate October 28, 1949
Birthplace Fort Benning, Georgia, United States

Tracy Reed portrayed Portia, Tabitha's high school friend, in the Tabitha episode, "That New Black Magic" (1977).


Tracy Reed was born on October 28, 1949, in Fort Benning, Georgia. She is an American film and television actress.

She starred in the 1970 television series "Barefoot in the Park" and played Virginia Tyndall in the 1979 television miniseries "Women in White". She is also known for "McCloud" (1970). Her most memorable film roles include "No Way Back" (1976), "Car Wash" (1976), "A Piece of the Action" (1977), "...All the Marbles" (1981) and "Running Scared" (1986). She is also known for "Trouble Man" (1972).

November 18, 2019


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