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Aunt Clara Younger 3×04

Samantha cast a spell to make Aunt Clara ten years younger.

Transformation is the magical ability to turn someone, something or oneself from one form into another. Samantha's family has turned Darrin into many things. 


  • Endora turned Darrin into a toad, a billy goat, a werewolf, a pony, a boy (twice), a newspaper and an old man.[1]
  • Samantha shrunk a rocking chair to four inches tall to make it easier to paint.[2]
  • Tabitha once turned Amy Taylor into a butterfly, Sydney into a mushroom, a man into a little boy, and a boy into a bulldog.[3]
  • Rodney transformed himself into a dog. Samantha transformed herself into a French woman named Michelle.[4]
  • Samantha transformed a dilapidated cabin into a beautiful home.[5]
  • Merle Brocken transformed a hairbrush into a toy fire truck.[6]
  • Paula turned Paul Thurston into a werewolf on Halloween. ("Halloween Show")
  • The Crone of Cawdor switched bodies with Terry Warbell.[7]
  • Samantha cast a spell on Aunt Clara to make her ten years younger.[8]

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