Uncle Arthur
Name: Uncle Arthur
First Appearance: The Joker Is a Card
Last Appearance: The House That Uncle Arthur Built
Portrayer: Paul Lynde
Episode Count: 10
Species: Warlock
Occupation: Practical Joker
Significant Other(s): Aretha (former girlfriend)
Children: Henry
Family: Endora (sister)
Samantha Stephens (niece)
Tabitha Stephens (grand-niece)
Adam Stephens (grand-nephew)
Maurice (brother-in-law)
Darrin Stephens (nephew-in-law)

Uncle Arthur is a warlock who is Samantha's uncle and Endora's brother. Arthur is famous for playing practical jokes and using his magic to do mischievous things which annoy Darrin, especially when he uses his witchcraft in front of mortals. Like Aunt Clara, Uncle Arthur likes Darrin.




It is unknown how Arthur is related to some of Samantha's other relatives (Hagatha, Enchantra, Grimalda). In the episode Endora Moves in for a Spell, Endora says she was an only child until Arthur was born. Since witches are immortal and live for thousands of years, it is possible that Samantha's aunts are many degrees removed from her.

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