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Vasily Kasiroff
Vasily Kasiroff
Biographical Information
Name Vasily Kasiroff
Residence Soviet Russia
Occupation Professional Weightlifter
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Peter Palmer
Episode Tabitha's Weighty Problem

Vasily Kasiroff is a Russian weightlifter weighing in at 240 pounds. He visits the United States for a weightlifting tournament.

KXLA is doing the on-site reporting for the weightlifting tournament for the ABC Wide World of Sports program. Tabitha is assigned to be his escort while he is in town. He continually flirts with her and makes advances. When Tabitha says that she will flatten him after another advance, she sneezes and her out-of-whack witchcraft flattens him and he becomes trapped in a poster.

After Dr. Bombay shows up and cures her, she restores Kasiroff to normal and he wins the tournament.