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Walter Burke
Walter Burke
Role The Great Zeno
Biographical Information
Birthdate August 25, 1908
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York, United States
Death Date August 4, 1984 (age 75)
Death Place Woodland Hills, California, United States

Walter Burke played The Great Zeno in the first season episode, "It's Magic" (1965).


Walter Burke was a prolific performer of stage, film and television. He began his career in the 1920s, performing on Broadway in musicals and dramas. In 1948, he made his film debut in "The Naked City", followed by "All the Kings Men" (1949). He went on to appear in twenty more films such as "Dark City" (1950), "Never Love a Stranger" (1958), "Jack the Giant Killer" (1962), "My Fair Lady" (1964), "The President's Analyst" (1967) and "The Stone Killer" (1973). His television credits included "The Twilight Zone", "Perry Mason", "The Untouchables", "Bonanza", "Lost in Space" and "The Lucy Show". Closing out his career in the early 1970s, he moved to Pennsylvania and became an acting teacher.


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