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Westport Town Hall
Westport, Connecticut
General Information
Name Westport, Connecticut
Type City
Subtype Real World
Location United States
Significance City where the Stephenses and Kravitzes live
Series Connections
Characters See Westport Citizens

Westport is the city where the Stephens family resides.


Westport is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut on Long Island Sound within Connecticut's Gold Coast. It is fifty-two miles northeast of New York City and a home for many New York City-area businessmen and entrepreneurs, such as Darrin Stephens, who commutes here regularly by train. Both the Stephenses and Kravitzes reside here in the Morning Glory Circle neighborhood along with other neighbors and community leaders.

Westport Citizens[]

Stephens Family[]

The Stephenses live at 1164 Morning Glory Circle.

Kravitz Family[]

The Kravitzes live at 1168 Morning Glory Circle.


Community Leaders[]



Westport, Connecticut is a coastal town of colonial origin located on Long Island Sound in Fairfield County, Connecticut, forty-seven miles (seventy-six kilometers) northeast of New York in the United States. The town had a population of 26,391 according to the 2010 United States Census and in 2008 ranked the tenth wealthiest town in the United States with populations between 20,000 and 65,000, and second in the state.

The Westport area had been inhabited by Native Americans for at least 7,500 years before the first permanent white settlers. Five farmers and their families, subsequently known as the Bankside Farmers, arrived at Machamux on 1693 having followed cattle to the isolated area known to the Pequot as the "beautiful land". As the settlement expanded its name changed: briefly known as "Bankside" in 1693, officially named Green's Farm in 1732 in honor of Bankside Farmer John Green and in 1835 incorporated as the Town of Westport.

Agriculture was Westport’s first major industry; by the nineteenth century Westport had become a shipping center in part to transport onion to market. In the twentieth century a combination of industrialization, and demand by New Yorkers attracted to fashionable Westport — which had attracted many artists and writers — saw farmers selling off their land. The Town of Westport's transition from a community of farmers to a suburban. Westport experienced a rapid population growth from the 1950s to 1970s that was reported to be driven by the town's proximity to New York City, school system reputation, “chic New York-type fashion shopping” and the "natural beauty of the town".

By the twenty-first century Westport had developed into a center for finance and insurance (23%) and professional, scientific and technical services (21%).

Westport is home to the Westport Country Playhouse.[citation needed]



  • Bewitched guest star, Imogene Coca, lived in Westport.
  • The town was also featured in the iconic Twilight Zone episode, "A Stop In Willoughby," as a home for an advertising agent parallel to Darrin Stephens. The show creator, Rod Serling, lived in Westport at the time.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • In the third season episode, "Soapbox Derby", Samantha and Darrin are depicted as living in Patterson, New York, where Howard Mills and his son Johnny live.


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