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Willie Tab Ep 0
Biographical Information
Name Willie
Residence San Francisco Bay Area
Occupation Office Clerk
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer John-Anthony Bailey
Episode Tabatha Pilot (original)

Willie is an office clerk at Trend Magazine.

Tabatha brings Cliff into the photocopy room at Trend Magazine so they can speak alone. Willie is there making one-hundred copies of the thirty-day grapefruit diet for Mr. Kurtz. Tabatha asks him to go on break and she will work on it for him.

When Willie comes back, he asks how the print job is going. Closing the door so he cannot see, Tabatha zaps up the copies in just a few seconds. When Willie sees it, he is amazed and asks Tabatha how she did it so quickly. She tells him it is an "old family secret".