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Winnie Coffin
Winnie Coffin
Role Nanny Witch
Biographical Information
Full Name Winifred DeForest Coffin
Birthdate October 19, 1911
Birthplace Portage, Michigan, United States
Death Date December 18, 1986 (age 75)
Death Place Birmingham, Michigan, United States  

Winnie Coffin played Nanny Witch in the second season episode, "My Grandson, the Warlock" (1965).


Winnie Coffin was an American actress of stage, television and film. She was born as Winifred DeForest on October 19, 1911, in Portage, Michigan. Her stage name was Winifred "Winnie" Collins.

While raising her family in Birmingham, Michigan, she performed in community theater productions. In 1960 she was noticed by a Hollywood writer while in the play, Bloomingham Eccentrics, written and directed by her husband. She went to Hollywood, found an agent and promptly landed character roles in the television shows The Ann Sothern Show, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis and Perry Mason. By the mid 1960s, she was in such demand she moved to Hollywood.

She was a frequent guest star on Bonanza, Lancer and The Red Skelton Show. She also made about six movies including Eight on the Lam with Bob Hope. Her last Hollywood performance was in 1972 opposite Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. She and her husband moved back to the Detroit area at that time.

She married writer Dean Fisk Coffin in 1934 and they were together for fifty-two years until her death in 1986. They had five children including the actor, Frederick Coffin.

She had a debilitating lung condition in her last years. Winnie Coffin died on December 18, 1986, in Birmingham, Michigan. She was 75. She was survived by her husband and children.


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