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Witch or Wife?
Season 1, Episode 8
Series Episode 8
Samantha Finds Darrin's Plane 1×08
Airdate November 12, 1964
Written by Bernard Slade
Directed by William Asher
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"The Witches Are Out"
"The Girl Reporter"

Witch or Wife? is the eighth episode of the first season of Bewitched. The episode was completed by October 6, 1964.


Darrin's workload piles sky-high when Larry Tate and his wife Louise fly to Paris to cover the fashion shows for a client. Samantha spends most of the time alone playing solitaire. She accepts Endora's invitation to fly to Paris for lunch. In Paris, Samantha and Endora run into the Tates. Surprised, Larry phones Darrin to tell him Samantha and her mother are in Paris with them. Samantha returns home immediately. Darrin tells Samantha their marriage is a mistake, since he has taken her away from the high living she apparently still wants. Although Samantha tries to convince Darrin that he is wrong, she angrily leaves, and returns to Paris. Larry tells Darrin that Samantha is lonesome for him. Darrin decides to follow her to Paris. After several unsuccessful tries, Samantha gets on Darrin's plane, and they arrive in Paris together.



  • Sam and Darrin's phone number is 555-7328.
  • In this episode, the Tates meet Endora for the first time.


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