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Witches Council 5×25

The Witches Council is heard speaking from the clouds. They are not seen.

The Witches Council is a group of high-ranking, powerful witches and warlocks, consisting of eight members, who enforce witch law. 

A witch or warlock's powers can be taken away by the Council if a witch's magic is failing ("The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara") or if they refuse to use witchcraft, in which case they can lose their powers forever. If a witch breaks the law or refuses to obey a council directive, they can suffer negative consequences.

For example, Samantha was stripped of her powers for refusing to disavow her marriage to Darrin. Tabitha's powers were also removed, as well as Serena's and Arthur's powers because they supported Samantha. ("Samantha's Power Failure")

Years later, Cassandra, who was a member of the council, announced that the council reversed their position against mixed marriages. They were impressed that Samantha and Darrin's marriage had lasted. Therefore the council declared that there must be another mixed marriage. They decided that Tabitha must marry Paul Thurston. Minerva told Cassandra that Tabitha would not go for the idea, so Cassandra decided to make a love potion to help them along. The plan backfired, but all worked out in the end when Dr. Bombay married his mortal nurse, Gloria. ("Tabitha's Party")