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For Endora as an adult, see Endora.
For Darrin's "daydream daughter", see Little Endora.
Young Endora 2×07
Young Endora
Biographical Information
Name Endora
Occupation Trick or Treater
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Children Samantha Stephens (daughter)
Character Information
Portrayer Maureen McCormick
Episode Trick or Treat

Young Endora is a child into whom Endora transforms herself.

Endora is angry with Darrin because he will not let Samantha go with her to the sacred volcano on Halloween. She changes herself into a little girl in a gypsy costume to "trick or treat" Darrin. She does not like the candy Darrin gives her and says she will have to "trick" him. She incants a spell and leaves.

Later, Darrin begins to transform into a werewolf. Darrin tells Samantha about the girl and Samantha immediately knows it is Endora. She goes outside and finds Young Endora talking to a group of kids. Samantha brings her mother inside the house and Endora tells the two what will happen.

Samantha tells Young Endora to undo the curse. Endora says she has to think of the spell. She feigns difficulty in remembering it, but she is just stringing them along. She has not forgotten it.